Blast resistant aluminium doors

High-security protection

BlasTek provides protection against the two types of explosion: detonation and deflagration.

Tested in accordance with the EN 13123/4 and ISO/DIS 16933 standards.


Single or double door, windows and fix partitions.

Resistance level

EN 13123/4-1 for deflagration and detonation most often caused by industrial hazards.

Resistance up to Class EPR3.

ISO/DIS 16933 for explosions most often caused by terrorist attacks.

Resistance up to 100 kg of TNT at 25m.

Optional bullet resistance up to the level FB6Construction

Gunnebo patented aluminium profile, solid or laminated glass security panel, security lock.

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Key Specifications

  • Certification: EN 13123/4-1. ISO/DIS 16933.